Thursday, July 1, 2010

On the new path...

We went in yesterday to see Dr. Berger (had to change doctors bc of insurance) and it was very informative. A lot of new information to take in, but I feel good about what we are doing. She took us into her office and did a medical history on both of us. During that we talked about my painful periods and the likelihood that I may also have endometriosis. Gaylon's past surgery may have also caused him to have sperm antibodies. We had not heard of that, but it is basically when your body does not recognize sperm as part of your body and try to attack it. This causes antibodies to attach to the sperm and impair mobility and the ability for them to break through the egg. So he is going to have that tested this next week. Hopefully he is good to go and nothing is wrong there, bc if it is, we have to move on to IUI or IVF sooner.

So after our medical history she talked with us a little bit about a newer medication called Femara. She said many people who do not respond to Clomid may respond to Femara. This is a less expensive option to injectible hormones so we are going to try that first. We then did an ultrasound, which was much more detailed than the one I had before. Found a lot of fluid around my right ovary and a large cyst on my left. She is hoping that the cyst is one that will go away through this cycle, but we will have to check on it once I start my period to make sure. If it is gone, my blood work is normal, and Gaylon's semen analysis is good, I will start Femara next month while we finish up testing.

I will still need to have a Hysterosalpingogram done to check my fallopian tubes. It is where they put dye into your uterus and then you take an x-ray to see if you have any blockage. We could wait to start Femara until after this test, because if it shows I have blocked fallopian tubes, Femara won't do much for that. However, we decided to take a chance and start it concurrently with the HSG test.

So....sigh...lots of information...lots to do, but I feel like we are on the right path.

This week- had appointment with Dr. Berger, set up semen analysis, and get blood work done.
When period comes: call Austin Radiological Association and set up HSG fallopian tube test, go back in to Dr. Berger and do ultrasound to check that the cyst on my left ovary is gone. (if gone get prescription for Femara and take it cd3-7)
CD 10: go in for HSG test

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