Friday, July 16, 2010

Bad news for me...

So we are well into our new plan I guess you could say. We got Gaylon's tests back and he has super sperm, literally. The nurse was giving us his counts for everything and then told us the normal range, he was off the charts in almost everything. Yay for him, suck for me. I feel bad sometimes that he married someone who can't get pregnant and has all these problems. He thinks I am being silly of course, but still I can't help but think that anyway. He has been beyond supportive and way more hopeful than me. I am starting to let this really get to me.

Okay on to my tests. The ultrasound on Tuesday showed that I still had a cyst but it was much smaller and I was ok to start Femara that day :) So I am on 5mg/day for 5 days. There was some confusion at CVS bc they didn't understand why I was taking Femara for infertility bc it is really used to treat breast cancer. She was dumb. Then they couldn't read the slip right and accidentally thought I should be taking 10mg, which I knew was too much! So anyway, I think I will go to a different pharmacy next time. However they were able to bill it so that my insurance would pay for it saving me about $100.

Femara is much better than Clomid, the hot flashes are much more manageable and no headaches.

BAD NEWS... I went in yesterday for my HSG to xray the uterus and fallopian tubes. First of all it was very painful! Second, although being able to watch the xrays right then and there was cool- it was not so cool when I could clearly see that the right tube was filling up and spilling out (good sign, shows an open tube) but I could see nothing down the left side. I asked the technician if that meant that my left tube was blocked. She skirted around the issue and said that it could just be inconclusive. But I don't think she can say since she is not the radiologist but it was very clearly not working on the left side. UGH...blah...sigh..weap...

I am just waiting to hear from my RE about what the Radiologist says. I don't really know what the next step would be with having both PCOS and a blocked tube?? I never thought I'd have a blocked tube bc I have never had an STD or any other pelvic infection. I thought it could maybe be a possibility with my appendicitis surgery in China, but that would have been on the right side and my "blocked" side is on the left. Crazy. So I have no clue what they might suggest next. But this makes sense bc this last month I ovulated on my left side and no pregnancy. So...I will update again when I hear from my RE.

I used to want like 3 kids, but now it seems like just one would be a miracle. The whole thing is getting pretty depressing.

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