Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Appointment with a Reproductive Endocrinologist

On Friday I got a call from my Ob/Gyn that I was not ovulating per my blood test on Thursday. She then referred me to Texas Fertility Center. Called them, they were so nice, and got really lucky. They have a new doctor, she is not new new, just new to their practice. She starts taking new patients this Monday. I was able to get in on Wednesday at 1:30. I am really excited about that because thought it would take a while and I would have to skip a cycle. So I am hoping that I get in and we can start something next cycle. :) I'll update again after Wednesday.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I hate Clomid! Ugh, with all the hot flashes you'd think it would be working!!

Well, I don't think month 3 on clomid worked (meaning no ovulation). Went in today for my blood test to see for sure but my temperatures have stayed low for too long. :( Ugh. I will let you know what Brittany tells me about my progesterone levels. Hoping she will call tomorrow and let me know so that I can call Texas Fertility and try to get an appointment asap. But I don't know how quick all that will go. Maybe I will just pregnant on a fluke this month............ probably not. Trying to stay positive...which is getting hard.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Okay so time for an update...

I have not been writing much but I think it is because I have been trying not to get too upset about all this. And sometimes I just don't want to talk about it, not even write about it in this blog. Last month I went in on cd21 for a progesterone test to see if I ovulated, I didn't. :( But in the back of my mind i was still like, maybe I did but it was after day 21 and I could still be pregnant. But I wasn't.

Started my period yesterday and went in to see my nurse Brittany. She's great, but I almost started crying while talking to her. She was very understanding and we talked about what the new plan was for this month. This is my last try for Clomid to work. I will be taking 150mg a day for 5 days and doing another progesterone test on cd 21 to test for ovulation. I am pretty much assuming this will not work, but she said it might. And if it does then I will do this dose for 2 additional cycles. But if this dose does not induce ovulation, then they will not give me any more. I will be then sent on to Texas Fertility to go on to the next step, which Brittany said would most likely be injectable hormones. She was very positive about my chances of getting pregnant on those, so that was good to hear at least.

So...fingers crossed for round 3.